Research 30 March 2021

Who Will Go Where? The Changed World of Travel and Tourism After COVID-19

Vaccinations, quarantine periods, testing and case numbers are some of the factors that will shape post-pandemic tourism and travel. The future of travel rests heavily on the success of the vaccine rollouts, but is this enough to get travellers to go abroad again? Despite a difficult year of the pandemic for both travellers and tourism economies across the board, there are still disparities in priorities and likelihood for travel between different age groups, economic classes, and genders.

Our latest Global Traveller Index research summarises the findings from over 6,000 respondents around the world on what their most influential considerations are to go on vacations in 2021, and how organizations can attract travellers and promote tourism in a post-pandemic world.

What are tourists looking for in a post-COVID world? Submit a question to find out.

What will travel look like this year? What are travellers looking for from their carriers and destinations to give them peace of mind? You can find out by submitting a question to our next Global Traveller Survey of over 6,000 respondents, and we will help you analyse and address the answers.

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